OML “The Platinum Racing Wire”


Delivers ultimate electric performance through the best conductor ever made.  It is engineered with a double pure silicone insulation braided for added pull strength and a Ferro spiral conductor with a low resistance impregnated core which creates an outstanding RFI choke suppression.

These wires are wound tighter for the lowest resistance available in the market(25 ohms per foot resistance).

  • Best choice for both race and street applications.
  • Available in extra thick 10mm.
  • A selection of super conductor wires with different resistance levels (300, 40, 25 ohms per foot).
  • Also available in 8.5mm Red Silicone/EPDM wire with 500 ohms per foot.
  • Outer silicone jacket available in bright colors: blue, red and yellow.
  • Choice of packaging: appealing carton box or clear plastic clamp.


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